Yoga Hook in Gerrards Cross asked us to try out Flotation Therapy, so I asked Mats if he would like to try it out and he jumped at the chance (there are some benefits of being married to me ;)). Over to Mats ….

I was given an opportunity to try out the floatation therapy experience at Yoga Hook recently and I have to say I was really glad that I did! I had never tried out floatation therapy before so naturally I was slightly apprehensive beforehand. Would I find it claustrophobic? Would 60 minutes feel like an eternity or would it go by in a flash? These were of course just minor questions and in the main I was just excited to try out this new experience.

When I arrived at Yoga Hook, I was immediately made to feel at ease by the welcoming and friendly team at reception. I was taken to my floatation therapy room and shown around. I was immediately impressed by the high standards and cleanliness of the room. The room was spacious, with a shower in the corner and the surprisingly large floatation tank in the middle of the room. The floatation tank is basically a cross between a giant futuristic egg and a prototype silhouette of a space age car. I was then given instructions on how everything worked and then I was left to get ready for the experience.

When you’re ready (after having a shower), you climb into the pod and close the lid behind you. You then lie on your back (with or without the optional floating neck pillow based on your preference) and you immediately realise that the Epsom salts saturated in the warm water allow you to float like you’re in the Dead Sea (evidently there is half a tonne of Epsom salt in the water!). It’s a funny feeling if you’ve never experienced it before.

During the first 10 minutes of the experience there is soft relaxing music in the background (you can ask for longer if you prefer) and for the next 45 minutes it is quiet and dark (you can control the light from within the tank, if the darkness gets a bit too much). It doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all – in fact quite the contrary – it feels more like you’re in infinite space! Towards the end of the session, the music and lights come back on slowly, to ‘wake’ you. You then have a quick shower to wash off all the salts to end your session.The floatation experience itself was amazing and I felt genuinely relaxed and peaceful both during the session and afterwards also. It took my mind about 10-15 minutes to settle down and switch off (I think this is the case with everyone, especially first timers) but after that you end up in a mediative state of sorts. In my case, the next 45 minutes flew by and I was genuinely surprised it went so quickly!

I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who is looking to de-stress, relax and recharge their batteries and I will certainly be going again soon!

Cost: Prices are £55 for single float, £180 for 4 pack floats (3 months expiry, can be shared) or

monthly contract £40 for a single float per month.

Special offer: Yoga Hook are offering our readers £20 off a float until 30th November so you’ll only pay £35. Use promo code: floatwell20 when booking.


Address: 22 Station Road, Gerrards Cross,Buckinghamshire, SL9 8EL

Telephone:  01753 891 911