Being a recent graduate from education, Ahead Tuition‘s Director, Umar Aslam, understands the impact of ‘exam time’ on not only your mental health, but your physical and social too. It is so very important to be able to look after yourself efficiently and effectively through this period from January to June and it’s more important to keep motivation levels high up until exams. Umar has been travelling around the country delivering Ahead Tuition’s ’10 Steps to Success’ programme, speaking to students about the rollercoaster that is ‘exam time’. Through his personal experience and the experiences of the other members of Ahead Tuition, Umar wanted to speak to students all across Buckinghamshire and the Chilterns, and give them five of his ‘secret tips to success’.

AheadTuitionfeatureOnly towards the latter part of my education, I started to realise how important it was to ‘work smarter’. ‘Working smarter’ is a key philosophy that I use now in everyday life. It means, you don’t always have to work a lot to get the best revision. No one said you have to sit there and revise and study all day, but if you condensed your learning into smaller more manageable chunks, and focus your energy in that specific period of time, you’re more likely to get more out of yourself.

Success Tip 1 – Work Smarter!

Find specific times in your day in which you want to sit down and revise. When you do sit down, focus your mind and energy to studying. It could be for 20 minutes, half an hour, an hour . . . it’s really up to you! When the time is up, look back and reflect on how well you have done.

Success Tip 2 – Understanding you

It is very important to understand; how, where and when you learn best. You get asked all the time whether you’re a; visual (images and diagrams), auditory (listening to teachers and videos) or kinaesthetic (actively learning) type of learner . . . but do you really know? In our last seminar, I asked the students (120 of them!) if they knew what type of learner they were, most of them put their hands up, but after doing a few experiments and tests with me, over 50% of them got a different result to what they thought! Have you ever thought about, Interpersonal Learning (learning with another person) or Group Learning (working in small or large groups and working with each other)?

Success Tip 3 – Efficiently Memorising

Our brain is made up of two types of memory; short term and long term. Our short term memory, stores small and immediate chunks of information and passes on the important things to our long term memory in which it is stored for longer. Information is only deemed important though when it is repeated. So studying something once and not going over it . . . isn’t going to be stored in our minds. So in your revision programme, keep weekly or monthly slots to recap over work regularly, so when we get to exams, our long term memory has it all there ready to be spilled onto paper!

Success Tip 4 – Failing to Prepare, is Preparing to Fail

Sitting down to revise isn’t really enough. It’s extremely important to be know what you want to revise before you sit down and revise! Take some time out before your revision periods begin to make some notes about what topics you need to cover in each of your subjects. So when you sit down you know exactly what to do! This fits in very well with our ‘work smarter’ tip too!

Success Tip 5 – Demolish Distractions!

I can almost guarantee that by getting rid of distractions around your study area . . . you’ll automatically start working better. Again, when we asked the same group of students, what distractions deter them from work; guess what most of them said . . . their phones! I’m not going to tell you to put it away completely though, in this day and age, I know how hard it is. However, in your study periods, it’s important to put away any distractions just for that moment in time. Maybe you could make your study period half an hour . . . and then give yourself a 5 minute break?

So these are five of our handy tips to get you on the road to success! We pride ourselves at Ahead Tuition to provide support to students in the local areas all day, every day! As you can see from above, revising isn’t just about getting the work done, but it’s about how you get it done and sometimes you need that extra bit of support to keep you going!

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