We are already close to a million coders short in Europe, and experts predict that by 2020 we will be six million coders short globally. Software (and so coding) underpins most areas of our lives, from obvious things like your laptop, phone and broadband connection, to less obvious items such as your car, television, dishwasher and washing machine – they all contain computer chips and run some kind of software program to make them work.

WecodephotoCoding is the new hairdressing – If you teach your kids to code, they’ll always find work. But apart from future employability, why is learning to code so important?

Firstly, designing products and experiences, and working out how to build them, exercises parts of the brain that build really transferrable skills – creativity and problem solving being the most obvious. Secondly, it is an activity that can be done alone, but increasingly – as the world’s leading software houses are beginning to appreciate – collaborative working produces even better outcomes, and this is a principle we put at the heart of our approach. Lastly – and most importantly – it is amazing fun and highly rewarding. Nothing beats the feeling of building something yourself, and launching it live on the web. Well, nothing I’ve yet discovered anyway!

Despite the obvious benefits, and the fact that we’ve heard a lot about coding being the next most important subject to the more traditional “three rs” of reading, writing and arithmetic, as a nation we are woefully behind in offering coding lessons in schools. Thankfully, it is now (finally!) on the national curriculum, but still more than 80% of ICT teachers in the state school system have no background in the subject. Would you have faith in a maths teacher who wasn’t trained in maths? Or a history teacher who had done a science degree?

At WeCode, our mission is to change all this.

Based in a new tech hub in Chesham (TechHub42 – www.thehub42.co.uk) WeCode is a new organisation dedicated to teaching people to code. We currently offer holiday club classes for 9-16-year-olds, as well as children’s parties for all ages. Very soon we will expand our offering to include weekend classes and clubs, corporate and team building events, as well as more specialised classes and classes for younger children and adults.

Our mission is simple – we want to inspire the next generation of innovators and you can find out more about what’s planned at www.wecode.club
To support our aims, we’ve created an inspirational environment for children and adults to learn to code collaboratively. When we code, we create the future, and we’ve created a unique space in TechHub42 to make it fun.

We also understand that learning to code can feel overwhelming, so we break it down into manageable sections and work through it together, one step at a time.

Our leaders are passionate about coding, and love solving problems every day that have never been solved before. Their job satisfaction comes from knowing they’re developing the next generation of innovators, and everything they do encourages creativity and ingenuity.

We believe that collaborative working is the best way to create amazing products and experiences, so we promote expert-led group work in shared spaces. As well as leaders, we have mentors of all ages to work alongside students, so nobody will be left wondering what to do next.

Lastly, we believe that none of this should cost a fortune, so our sessions are accessible and affordable.

Ultimately, our test of success is that when WeCoders leave our classes, they are inspired, enthusiastic and keen to continue coding.

But don’t take my word for it – this is what the parent of Ellie, who attended a class in May, had to say:

“My daughter really enjoyed learning how to create her own website under the instruction and support of WeCode staff. She was very proud of what she achieved and has even been inspired to carry on coding at home! Thank you for a great couple of days.” –Jacqui Kerr

We can’t wait for more kids like Ellie to join us in creating the future.


WeCode Holiday Club has places available for October half term. Aimed at children aged 9 to 16 years, our Holiday Club classes aim to give children coding experience in a fun, collaborative format. For more details and to book a place click here.


WeCode contact details:

Website: www.wecode.club

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wecodehub

Telephone: 01494 772227