Pay: £30 per party (Setting up, clearing away as necessary and running the 2-hour party package)
Casual contract for weekends and holidays. Applications from people 17 years + welcome

Bucks County Museum offers a great children’s party package based in the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery and crafts in our learning zones, along with a birthday tea. We are looking for outgoing and fun Party Hosts with experience of leading games and crafts with primary age children to help coordinate the parties and ensure everyone has a great time!

Parties tend to be booked on a Saturday during the day, morning and afternoon but occasionally they may be booked during school holiday weekdays and on occasional Sundays when we are open to the public. Party Hosts need to be available most Saturdays and as necessary in school holidays as our parties are very popular and we have frequent bookings.

For details and to apply:
Applicants must apply using the Museum application form.