WeCode Holiday Club

– October Half Term, 2015

Aimed at children aged 9 to 16 years, our Holiday Club classes aim to give children coding experience in a fun, collaborative format.

The focus will be on building a personal web page (if you come for one session or a full day) or a small website (if you come for longer). You will learn the fundamentals of HMTL and CSS – the standard languages for basic websites – and everybody will leave with at least one web page live on the web.

WecodephotoWe will intersperse this work with other fun, age-relevant coding and innovation exercises to keep things moving and stop children getting bored. We will never have more than 20 children attending at any one time, making sure everybody gets support and attention.

For children who spend more than a couple of days with us, we will also add introductions to other kinds of coding, including Scratch and Raspberry Pi.

We believe in mixed age classes, as age is not necessarily an indicator of ability, though we recognise that people develop at different rates. To cater for this mix, we will have leaders and mentors on hand to make sure everybody can progress at their speed, while still contributing ideas and solutions to the class as a whole.

If this is your first day, the initial sessions are dedicated to learning the fundamentals of setting up a web page, and learning basic CSS and HMTL commands. Students will cover simple formatting, linking, setting up additional pages and populating them with initial content and images.

If this is your second day, we will work with you on more advanced formatting and layout. In the afternoon, students will have independent time to develop their site, always with an expert on hand to offer help and support.

Finally, we will put the page or site live on our servers, so you will have your very own site up and running before you leave. WeCode will then host your webpage or small website for free for three months following the course, and offer opportunities for you to update it if you want to.

The course takes place at TechHub42, a new, innovative space that is purpose-designed to encourage collaborative working. You can find TechHub42 at Power House, Higham Mead, Chesham, HP5 2AH.

Students can arrive from 8am to fit around working parents, and can bring their breakfast to eat at the hub if they wish. Registration will run to 9:15am and teaching will start at 9:30am. We will finish structured sessions at 5:30pm, after which parents can pick children up any time until 6pm. Students can continue to work independently, with support on hand, during this time if they wish.

Full-day students should bring a packed lunch (and breakfast if required). Drinks and snacks are available to buy at the hub, and drinking water is available at all times.

For more information and to book your place click here.