Want fantastic lashes for the party season? No mascara required!!

Chiltern Chatter Verdict: Flutter Eyes

I recently got to try out Flutter Eyelash Extensions, and I must say I was impressed with the results.

As a complete novice at false lashes and eyelash extensions, I had no clue as to what was involved and what the results would be. Flutter lashes aren’t false lashes, they’re extensions that are painstakingly stuck one by one on to each individual lash. Flutter offer a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curls so that you can choose the exact look you want.

The great thing about Flutter is that the lashes come to you. You don’t have to waste time travelling to and from a salon, you can experience the luxury of having your lashes done in the comfort of your own home.

IMG 3844I met with the lovely Julia, who owns a Flutter franchise which covers the Bucks, Berks & Middx area. Julia turned up nice and early on the morning of my appointment and had everything she needed, including a portable bed ☺ ready to go in no time. I discussed with Julia how the lashes would be applied and the look I was after, I already have quite long lashes but it was the volume I wanted so that I could save time putting on make up everyday. Julia was very professional, thoroughly explained process and gave me great advice on what type of lashes would suit me best.

IMG 3840You must be prepared to lie back and relax with your eyes closed for quite a long time (my lashes took around 2 ½ hours). It sounded like a long time when I heard how long it would take, but it went surprising quickly. Julia is absolutely lovely to chat to, and her attention to detail is amazing, we didn’t stop chatting the whole time. Julia did say that if I wanted I could rest, as some of her clients do sleep during the treatment, however I didn’t dare fall asleep and risk the embarrassment of her hearing my (not-so) silent snores!

The treatment is very precise, to start with my bottom lashes were taped down so they didn’t interfere, I can only imagine how bizarre I looked ☺, then my top lashes were cleaned and primed before each individual lash was applied. Having the tape removed at the end was probably the only uncomfortable part of the process, but Julia was very gentle throughout.

IMG 3853After my lashes were complete Julia discussed how to look after them, a simple brush through each morning, and the types of products to avoid, basically anything oil based. Once on, my lashes were waterproof and hassle-free straight away and I was ready to carry on as normal.


I think the lashes are great; I’ve had so many compliments from friends. They completely take away the need for mascara and therefore the smudgy panda look by the end of the day and there’s no need for tedious mascara removal before bed. They’re possibly the biggest thing that you can do to simplify your make-up routine.

IMG 3858What I love about my new lashes is that my eyes look fab even with no make-up on! With my new Flutter lashes my eyes look open and bright even when I’m not ☺

Prices start from £90 for a natural set, or you can upgrade to a full set for £140 and if you mention our review or the Flutter advert on the website you will receive a £20 discount off a full set of lashes.

You definitely get a fantastic quality product, which looks realistic and professional service. The lashes are really long lasting, I’ve had my lashes for over 3 weeks and they still look fluttertastic! Julia mentioned that they should last up to 6 weeks and clients who wear them on a continuous basis have an infill every 3 to 5 weeks for perfect lashes.

If you’re thinking of having lash extensions, then I couldn’t recommend Flutter more. Julia and all the Flutter technicians are trained to the highest, most exacting standards and you can guarantee that you’ll have long-lasting, incredible looking lashes. The lashes can be worn continuously without damaging you own lashes, which isn’t the case with some cheaper lashes on the market.

To book your appointment or find out more about Flutter Eyes contact Julia Robertson:
Telephone: 01372 386312
Mobile: 07970 622996
Website: www.fluttereyes.co.uk
Email: Julia@fluttereyes.co.uk