On a Friday, I like to treat myself by visiting American Nail Salon in Chesham for a French manicure and a tidy of my eyebrows. It’s great value and there’s no need for appointments which is great for me to fit in around seeing my clients.

Every Friday evening, my daughter Ashlie and I order a takeaway from Sukho Thai in Great Missenden. Ashlie is vegan so we love ordering from their as their vegetable spring rolls and the Pad Thai are made with tofu but without egg. We normally curl up on the sofa and watch a movie on Netflix. I stopped drinking alcohol about six months ago, I wanted to have a clearer mind and a couple of my clients who I admired didn’t drink, so I thought I’d give it a go. I enjoy Waitrose sugar free Ginger Beer as it has a nice kick to it and it goes great with Thai food!

I should go to bed earlier but I normally turn in about 11pm after checking Facebook & Instagram. I have only been on social media for about a year but the difference it’s made to me personally and my business has been terrific. It helps me feel connected to the outside world and gives me a sense of emotional balance, it’s also brought me lots of new clients.

Saturday morning, I wake about 9am. I check my messages and after a healthy breakfast and a coffee with almond milk I prepare for the arrival of my clients by making sure my therapy rooms are pristine and all everything I need is in place.

When I’ve finished my appointments I often meet friends in Great Missenden for lunch, Season’s Deli does great scrambled eggs with smoked salmon or I’ll go for a wander around the shops in Old Amersham, I like Whistles, Jaeger and Crew in Beaconsfield is great for work shirts.

My perfect Saturday evening is spent with friends, either supper at their place or we venture to Origins in Great Missenden as they do a great range of “virgin” cocktails and I love the small plates on their Tapas menu. If it’s a quiet night in, then I’ll snuggle down in front of Strictly Come Dancing and enjoy the sequins and glitter! I’ve always loved to dance, I grew up on a vineyard in Volvic (yes, where the water comes from) in central France, the whole village would celebrate the harvest with a dinner and dancing to the sound of accordions.

Sundays are normally focused on Ashlie and working around her new job at Explore Learning in Beaconsfield, helping kids with their English coursework. If I have time for a lie in, I will often listen to lectures or audio books in bed. Since a life changing car accident and suffering from PTSD, I find it hard to concentrate on the written work, listening on my iPad is so much easier for me. I will listen to almost anything that’s connected to the mind and how it works. I particularly enjoy “TED” lectures and anything by Louise Hay.

If it’s summer I’ll spend as much time as I can attending to my beautiful little garden, I find it so therapeutic. My clients also get the benefit as one of my therapy rooms leads out on to the garden and I’ll often have the doors open during the summer.

In winter, I’ll often get the slow cooker on and batch cook meals for the week ahead. I’ve adapted nearly all my favourite recipes to be vegan for Ashlie; my cassoulet is made with lentils and potatoes and my beef bourginon is made with tofu and vegetable stock.

I love to swim, I’ve recently had my hair cropped in to a much shorter style by the amazing team at Salon 92 in Great Missenden, it’s easier when I visit Handy Cross pool in Wycombe. I can literally wash and go now! It’s liberating!

I try and have a quiet evening on a Sunday and prepare for the week ahead. I have recently discovered the Bare Minerals range and LOVE their products. I wanted a brand that wasn’t tested on animals but felt great on my skin. Been trying to eat healthy for a few years now, and it was time to make an effort with my skin. Being kind to oneself is key to being happy and healthy so I try and practice what I teach my clients.

About Valerie:

As an experienced Reiki Master and Teacher, I’ve worked with many clients to help them bring about gentle changes, restore their energy levels and encourage self-healing.
My aims is always to support you on your journey, using my experience and skills to help and benefit you.

Valerie also runs Reiki courses to teach YOU how you can heal friends and family through touch. Her next 2 day Level I Reiki course is on Saturday & Sunday the 4th & 5th March 2017 and costs £180. All Chiltern Chatter readers can get 20% OFF when they mention this article. Just use the code CC2017 if booking online.

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