steak lgSuggested menu for a valentine special:
– Fillet Steak (this recipe)
Melting middle chocolate puddings


– 2 Fillet steaks (approx. 170g/1.5 inches thick each)
– 3 large maris piper potatoes peeled and cut in half
– 1 onion sliced
– 100g or 1 pk asparagus tips (100g)
– 100g or 1 pk St. Agur blue cheese (or similar) broken into bits
– 200ml Double Cream
– 4tbl spoon olive oil
– 40g butter
– pepper
– salt


Steak tips
1. Buy the best fillet steak you can afford – the quality and age of the cut really does make a big difference
2. Cook steak from room temperature – so make sure you take it out of the fridge in time
3. Make sure you let the steak rest for a minimum of 5-10 minutes after cooking. The best way to do this is warm the oven a little just in advance and place three plates in there (2 for the meal and 1 for the steaks – they will release a lot of liquid as they rest). Resting makes sure the meat relaxes and is an even temperature throughout. If you cut into a steak straight out of the pan it will look a little under cooked in the middle; however after resting it will be just perfect.


1. Pre-heat the oven to a low temperature (80c-100c) with three plates.
2. Peel the potatoes and place in boiling salted water for 5-6 minutes
3. Now turn off the oven or the plates will be too hot – it just wants to be a warm oven.
4. Check the potatoes with a fork – they should feel like the edges are becoming soft, but still firm in the middle.
5. Strain the potatoes and lay out on a chopping board to dry out – the steam will dry them out!
6. Cut the potatoes into cubes slightly smaller than dice.
7. Pre-heat a dry, heavy based frying pan (cast iron is best) to the hottest setting on your hob
8. Season the steaks with a little salt and pepper and rub over with a splash of olive oil.
9. Once hot, pan fry the steaks to your liking (approx. 4mins each side for rare, 5 mins each side for medium)
10. During the last couple of minutes of cooking, turn down the heat and place 30g butter into the pan – as soon as it melts, spoon the butter over the steaks and continue to do so until they are cooked.
11. Immediately remove the steaks from the pan and place them on the pre-warmed plate from the oven. Warning – the plate may be hot!.
12. Pour over any of the remaining butter and place the plate back in the warm oven.
13. Place a pan of water on to boil – this will be used for the asparagus
14. Now to make the sauce: place the remaining 10g butter into the pan you used to cook the steaks and add the sliced onions.
15. Cook the onions over a low-medium heat for 5 mins, stirring them all of the time (otherwise they will catch and become burnt)
16. Once the onions have started to colour (golden), add the cream and allow to boil and thicken.
17. As soon as the cream coats the back of a spoon (approx. 2 mins of boiling) add the cheese and stir until melted. Remove from the heat.
18. Add the asparagus into the pan of boiling water
19. Place another frying pan on to heat and add 3 tbl spoons of olive oil.
20. Once very hot add the cubed potatoes
21. Gently turn and fry until golden
22. Remove the asparagus from the heat and strain
23. Remove the plates from the oven (the plate with the steaks should have liquid from the steaks on it. If the cheese sauce is a little too thick, you can use this liquid to thin it a little)
24. Place a steak on each of the clean plates
25. Pour a little of the sauce over each steak and add the sauté potatoes and asparagus.
26. Enjoy!