Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Many of us are attracted to the idea of clearing the clutter and restoring calm and order in our homes, however, one of the most common statements I hear time and again from clients is just where do you start?

TidythecupboardHere are some of my top tips for tackling your clutter:

• Before you rush in, make a clutter plan: If you have several areas within your house that have become a dumping ground you might just need to tackle one at a time. Make a list and tackle one problem area at a time. That way you’ll feel a sense of achievement after completing each task.

General decluttering: grab three different bin bags (I like to use coloured ones here). One is for items that might have value and could be sold on ebay or at a good old-fashioned car boot sale. One is for items that are worth recycling/giving to charity and another is for rubbish and destined for a trip to the tip.

Detoxing your wardrobe: All too commonly we open our wardrobe looking for inspiration as to what we might throw on that day – yet we ‘can’t find anything to wear’, and it’s not surprising when faced with a jam-packed cupboard full of clothes that no longer fit or are not suited to this year’s trends. There are many rules that you can apply here but the easiest way to make space is to organise your wardrobe by season. Every spring you need to bag up your woolly jumpers and winter clothes, to make space for your summer frocks and t-shirts as the warmer weather arrives. Likewise, each autumn, your summer garments should be stored away. The key here is that if you haven’t worn a particular item for a whole season the chance is you won’t wear it next time either so: sell on ebay or give to charity.

The Tidy Box: At different times of the year, head-out-the-door essentials often clutter around the house entrance. By placing a box or container at the front door, you can keep your seasonal essentials at the ready. In the winter, items are likely to be hats and gloves and in the summer you’ll know exactly where to find the sun-tan lotion.

The two most important rules of decluttering: Don’t keep anything you don’t use. Don’t keep anything that doesn’t make you happy.

Tidythecupboard2If you need professional help to declutter get in touch with Jessica from The Tidy Cupboard Company to make a plan and get it sorted.

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