Moving house is pretty stressful, but preparing to move with children in tow is enough to make the most chilled out mum or dad reach for the gin tumbler.

Sarah Cassidy, founder of Place Online Estate Agency in Buckinghamshire has some tips for taking the sting out of moving with children.

1. House hunt together: Involve the children in your search for a new home and let them give their opinions about prospective homes. Take them with on viewings, or bookmark your favourite properties online for them to inspect after school.

2. Answer their questions: Explain to the children why you’re moving and let them ask as many questions about the planned move as they want, giving honest answers. Let them express their feelings and concerns and acknowledge how they’re feeling. “Yes, it will be tough to leave our friends behind at first.”

3. Be positive: If you’re a ball of nerves, your children will follow suit. Try to stay calm and point out the positives – a new, bigger garden, more bedrooms, a play area, a fantastic cinema or playground nearby.

4. Plan the rooms: Focus their minds on how they want their new bedrooms to look – set a budget and let them choose paint, furniture, rugs etc to make the new room their own.

5. Packing: Let them be involved. Even little children can help pack some of their toys – for example soft toys and label the boxes with coloured pens or stickers. Encourage the children to use this as a chance to get rid of unused toys. Ask the removal company to pack the toy boxes last, so that they’re also the first to be unloaded.

6. Emergency kit: Keep out PJs, comforters, blankets and some favourite toys for little ones and let teenagers pack a suitcase with essentials for a week as an emergency survival kit.

7. Ask for help: On the day, ask family or friends to look after small children, if you have that option, or take turns to entertain them in a designated room or play area with toys, books, I-pads. Give older children specific jobs to do on the day – eg. one has to make coffee or be in charge of snacks, another has to be the toy co-ordinator.

8. Have fun! Try to arrive before the removal company and let the children explore the house and help label rooms with stickers for the movers. On the first night in the new home, order pizza, have a picnic on the floor and sleep on the floor on mattresses or camp beds.

Have you moved house recently? What are your tips for making the move go smoothly with children?

Sarah Cassidy founded Place in 2009. After years of experience in estate agency, she understood that the way people shop for property was changing and she wanted to create a modern business model, using today’s technology, combined with exceptional standards of good old-fashioned customer service, plus lots of extras.

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