Think Club


Think Club is a course for students aged 16 and up in years 11-13.   Small groups of students (maximum 6 per group) meet bi-weekly during term time to develop their critical analysis and discussion skills.  Learn how to argue, how to take criticism, how to develop your ideas independently.   We will cover exam technique, revision approaches and interview skills, developing the independent thinking that many university admissions tutors and employers believe to be lacking in school leavers.


With recent increases in the number of applicants with very good academic results and extensive extra-curricular activities universities and employers are having to differentiate between outstanding candidates on the basis of their thinking skills.   University teachers in particular will assume that students possess a whole range of such skills: being able to argue a case, solve problems, criticise sources and express themselves in an articulate fashion.  


Think Club provides students with a forum to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills, applying them across a range of topics, both familiar and unfamiliar.   Moderated by academics and analysts from a range of industries students will be expected to interact as adults, taking and offering criticism, articulating their views and defending their positions.



Contact: Emma Thatcher

Location: Gerrards Cross

Telephone: 07970 940365




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