The Living Rainforest


At the Trust for Sustainable Living's flagship visitor centre, The Living Rainforest, people can explore the links between rainforests, people and nature through education, conservation and sustainable living.

Address: The Living Rainforest, Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire, RG18 0TN

Telephone: 01635 202444


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Overall rating
A very British Steamy Eco Friendly experience!
Overall rating
My glasses steam up every time I go's that awesome...

I went here when my lil lady was about 2 and have been going ever since. It's not massive, so will realistically be an afternoons jaunt or morning sojourn, but, it's well worth it...and the older the kids get, the more they get out of it...

I guess the best way to describe it is a fun hothouse, (ok...'Living Rainforest')...with a lovely walkthrough and some enjoyable animals and plants and descriptive displays, and..(yay!) .a small but fun shop! There's a huge education/Eco sentiment driving the place and the room that greets you on your way in is all about exploring some of the local and world issues pinpointed by the history and endangerment of some of the Plants and Animals on display. The monkeys and crocs (no not the shoes) and butterflies are all up close and often personal, and you'll get dripped on by plants and sat on by's colourful, it's informative, and tbh, it's on your doorstep so pack up the kids, and go.

You can adopt the animals too, and their education room has worksheets and questions galore to challenge those more enquiring's reasonably priced and they have a cafe to sit in and chat about your mini Rainforest Adventure....

Get y khakis on n go explore...