Local registered nutritionist, Lucy Williams has collaborated with Peterley Manor Farm  to bring you “The Gut Project”, an online course focusing on Gut health with a real emphasis on no-nonsense practical advice with sustainable, seasonal produce at its core.

Lucy won the CWT Freelance Nutritionist of the Year Award in 2020 and has a Masters Degree in Nutrition from Kings College so really know her stuff with a science based approach to nutrition. She is passionate at putting local producers centre stage and working with Peterley Manor Fam have developed a bank of recipes together. The course will cover gut health and its vital role in the immune system, weight management and mood, considering the key themes of food, nature, movement and rest. They’ll ne particularly looking at pre- and pro- biotics, fermented foods, British garins, anti-oxidants, fish, sourdough, sustainable meat and providing family friendly recipes to try at home.

The course includes:

6 live Zoom sessions with Lucy

Podcasts to download and listen to later

Recipes and recipe demo videos

Downloadable content and factsheets

The first course starts on 24th May and runs for 6 weeks. 

For more details and to book your place on the course click on the link below:

We have an early bird discount available to the first 15 people to sign up, the code is WELCOME for a 15% discount.