We’ve been waiting with bated breath for The Griffin Bistro & Club, an 80 seater bistro (with alfresco dining) in Old Amersham to announce their opening and its finally happened!

The team at Twelve | Twenty coffee house (now known as The Griffling) have been working around the clock to launch The Griffin -their website is live and the booking system is open! To begin with they are only accepting bookings of up to 4 guests per table as they want to deliver the very high standards they are setting out to achieve. Tom Neath is the General Manager and Mikey Seferynski (ex Three Oaks) is the Head Chef so this is bound to be an amazing. You’ll be able to enjoy breakfast/brunch, lunch & dinner  (view sample menus here), wine & cocktails!

Above the bistro will be a co-working club – a space for hosting client meetings or for members to use as an alternative to working from home or going to the office.

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We cant wait to enjoy the food, wine, cocktails, decor & atmosphere of The Griffin. It’s going to be a wonderful addition to the bustling food scene in Old Amersham. Book your table here.

Address: The Griffin, 12 The Broadway, Old Amersham. 

Instagram: @griffinamersham 

Tel: 01494 326 820