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The Craft Beer Shop

Any place that has a ‘growler’ is immediately going to be to Mr Chiltern Chatter’s liking ☺ (no sniggering, all will be explained shortly). And more importantly, finally, there is a local shop (The Craft Beer) for tasting and buying great (and according to Mr Chiltern Chatter he means really great!) microbrew beers. He had a sample of the IPA a week ago, loved it, and bought a Growler to take home.

CraftBeerWhat’s a Growler we hear you ask ☺? This is the chap you’ll be taking the majority of your beer home in (that has to be the best name ever for a container of beer! See picture below). It holds 2 litres (three and a half pints) of fresh craft beer. It costs £4.99 to buy and then it’s yours to keep and just keep bringing it back to the shop to fill it up with more beer.

Craft Beers have been brewed for flavour rather than volume and they seem to be all the rage at the moment. Most of the beers are from local micro breweries, with the odd guest beer from further afield. According to Mick French the owner, there will be beers you have never heard of, bursting with flavor and the staff apparently love beer (handy that ☺ ) and they can talk you through every single one. They never sell a beer they haven’t tried themselves.

CraftBeer2Mr Chiltern Chatter thought it was fantastic and promptly went back a few days later to top up with a 10 pint box. Quote from a happy Mr Chiltern Chatter: “All I can say is – what a great idea – and what great beer. Without perhaps realising it, we have all been missing this shop in the local community, and I for one am glad it’s here – and I will be a frequent visitor! “

The Craft Beer Shop is right by the station exit at Chalfont & Latimer, so you can pop in on your way home from a thirsty day’s work ☺ They offer a 3 beer taster ‘flight’ (equivalent to a pint) in the shop, where you can sample any three of their beers for less than a price of a pint. Or a 6 beer taster if you want to try them all ☺

CraftBeer3If you are having a few mates round, or a dinner party, or a bit of a do, they can deliver beer boxes with a tap, so you can dispense your own beer. They come in 10 pint, 20 pint, and 36 pint boxes and you only pay for the beer inside them. Plus provided you live in the local community, and order at least 2 growlers, delivery is absolutely free.

Beers start from £2.20 a pint – you can fill your growler with draught beer from as little as £5.50.

The Craft Beer Shop, 3 Station Approach, Little Chalfont, HP7 9PR
Facebook: The Craft Beer Shop