EURO 2015 2 Catherine Birkinhead Tai Chi

Come to our free taster session at 12pm on Monday 26th February.

The block of 8 consecutive classes will start at 12pm on Monday 5th March. Cost £80.

Tai chi, also called tai chuan, combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements.

Often referred to as ‘meditation in movement’, tai chi originally developed as a martial art in 13th-century China and today is practiced around the world as a health-promoting exercise.

This class is an opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of this ancient Chinese martial art, for health, relaxation, self defence and wellbeing.

The Instructor, Catherine Birkinhead, has trained in Tai Chi Chuan for seventeen years with experience in Yang Style and in more recent years Wudang Practical Tai Chi Chuan.

Email or phone 01494 791 288 to book your place.