A simple and pretty flower garland for the children to make that will add a bit of Spring time fun to your home this Easter.

Spring garland4

You will need: Household string or wool, scissors, cardboard egg boxes, child friendly paints , plastic needle and coloured paper.

To make:
Start by cutting up your egg boxes into individual little cup shapes. You can get 6 from a small egg box.
These little cups will form the flowers so the more you cut out the longer you can make your flower garland.

Each little cup then needs to be painted. We used children’s poster paints in bright colours. Its a bit messy and fiddly but that’s part of the fun. Smaller children might find it easier to paint the egg box before you cut it up.

              Spring garland1              Spring garland2

Whilst the cups dry. Use scissors to cut out leaf shapes from coloured paper. For smaller children you could cut out leaf shapes and then let them colour them in with felt pens or crayons.

Once dry each little egg cup can be cut with scissors to make it into a flower. You can cut petal shapes or simply snip all around the edge to make a frill.

Now you have all your pieces it’s time to thread them together onto the string or wool. Use the end of the
scissors to make two small holes in the bottom centre of each of your flowers. Having two holes will make the flowers sit nicely when hung. With one hole only, the flowers will hang facing down and you won’t see
your pretty colours. Make a hole in each of your paper leaves as well. It is much easier to thread the
flowers and leaves onto the string using a needle. Children’s plastic needles can be brought from most art
shops for a very small cost. If you don’t have a needle you can always wrap a bit of sellotape around the end of the wool or string to create a sturdy end with which to push through the leaves and flowers.

               Spring garland5              Spring garland6

Have fun hanging up your Spring Time garland around your home. Happy Easter from Oglee Poglee.

Fancy doing a bit more?

 How about doing a spot of leaf rubbing and then cutting out the leaves patterns to use in your gar-
 Once threaded you could embellish each flower. How about gluing coloured paper, pom poms or
buttons the centre of each flower.
 How about adding little bug and insect stickers to your leaves or flowers.

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