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Don't put up with muscle and joint aches and pains. Sport and remedial massage therapy can help restore balance to the musculoskeletal system, increase mobility and prevent injury. I will treat the symptoms and help you prevent future injury.

My aim is to help people remain pain-free and able to enjoy their chosen activity, whether simply taking the dog for a daily walk or ultra-running across the Alps. l thoroughly assess the problem before treating the symptoms with a variety of massage techniques, including deep tissue massage, muscle energy technique, soft tissue release, and neuromuscular technique.

The techniques I use help to prevent, manage and rehabilitate soft tissue injuries as well as optimise a sportsperson’s performance. But sports and remedial massage can also be of enormous benefit to the many people who suffer soft tissue injury triggered not by physical or sporting activity, but by poor posture, perhaps from sitting for long periods at a desk or in a car, or by repetitive stress from something as mundane as typing at a keyboard, or from carrying a heavy bag on one side of the body, or any number of other daily stresses to the body, often exacerbated by little physical activity to keep the musculoskeletal system strong and healthy.

I believe in encouraging her clients to understand the possible causes of their pain and provides a realistic rehabilitative programme of strengthening, stretching and mobility work to assist recovery and prevent similar injuries from occurring in the future.

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