Hi! We are specialists in pre-school music, hunting down funny, snappy, happy tunes with energetic, toe tapping, jumping and jiving moves! We perform live music sessions to masses of children and their parents every week and our mission is to help parents have fun with their children through music and art.

For the past year we have been distilling what we do into 30 minute videos filmed in a beach hut, with visiting children and musicians. These sessions can be watched and sung along to as many times as children like and are proving highly popular.
Children can watch their favourite song or set as many times as they like (for half the price of our normal sessions) and parents have half an hour of peace!  So try our live music sessions for families or, if you can’t get to us or are missing out as you are back at work, you can still sing with us at home or in the car or on holiday!  See videos and songs on www.teddiesmusicclub.co.uk