‘Smashing’ Tips for a Top Party



1. Get the children involved in the planning.  Making invitations, filling party bags or picking favourite games will build excitement and make the event more memorable.


2. Send your invitation out 3-4 weeks ahead of the party.  Too early and people put it to one side. Be prepared to chase, mums are busy and may forget to reply.


3. Consider numbers, venue, and age mix carefully.  A wide age range can be tough to keep happy, but older children – especially siblings – love to be involved as helpers.


17304. Plan more games than you think you need.  This gives you flexibility to move onto the next game if concentration wanes. Lots of prizes will keep younger children interested.


5. Make allowances for parents to stay at smaller children’s parties.  Providing room for parents to hover and a cuppa is great, but it’s not your responsibility to entertain them too!


6. Always have a back up plan.  Rain at an outdoor party or one child having a meltdown can scupper even the most organised.  A lucky dip box full of prizes and shredded paper is always a hit and can jolly any child out of a tantrum, rain or shine.


7. If budget allows book an entertainer.  If you’re not confident about holding the attention of large groups of children, book an entertainer and just concentrate on the party tea.


eating18398. Keep the party food out of sight until it’s time to eat.  A table of goodies will distract children from the game, but table of water and squash will be most welcome for little people having fun.


9. Finish the games off with a bang.  Children and adults will then know when the games are over and it’s food time.  Smashing Tennis offer a red carpet medal ceremony with music and medals which the children love!


10. Take some photos and enjoy the party.  If you think you will be too busy then delegate photos to a friend before the party so you don’t miss out.


Smashing Tennis Parties will take away the stress of party entertainment with fun, affordable, active tennis parties for 4 – 12 year olds.  Our parties run ALL YEAR round and cater for any child interested in games, fun and fabulous medals to take home. 


For more information go to www.smashingtennisparties.co.uk