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Swimming lessons for babies 4 months to children aged 12 years. Only 6 per class. Locations include: Japanese School in Wexham and Maplewood High School in High Wycombe

Address: Teikyo Japanese School, Framewood Road, Wexham, Slough, SL2 4QS                   

Telephone: 0844 35 11 461                




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Overall rating
Great unless you want to cancel
Overall rating
I'd avoid like the plague if I were you. They charge £55 per month regardless of whether or not they are providing lessons (closed for 6 weeks over summer and other holidays I would assume). We've so far been charged £220 for 8 lessons!!! I've now cancelled as their was no progression over this time but they are refusing to refund or provide further lessons to cover what they have charged us so far. They deem it acceptable to be charging us £27.50 per session in a group lesson and are now trying to tell us to just go away as it's all in their terms and conditions! I pray if you or anyone else signs up that you never need to cancel, especially after they have closed for 6 weeks for summer.
Excellent swim school
Overall rating
Excellent swim school, can highly recommend
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