A hearty supper recipe from Michele at Cookies



350g of either chipolata sausages or a variety of sausages cut into chunks, veggie sausages can also be used or spicy sausages if you like them – spice it up!

2 large leeks (chopped into chunks)

2 large carrots (diced into chunks)

1 tbsp of cornflour

1 cup of peas (optional)

500g of short crust pastry – either make your own with half wholemeal self raising flour (see below for recipe) or if you’re short of time shop bought.

300ml of good quality stock

One greased 9 inch flan dish

Pre-heated oven 200C


1. Chuck the sausages in a large frying pan or wok with a little olive oil to brown them off on the outside.

2. In a bowl mix the leeks, carrots and cornflour – make sure the leeks and carrots are coated.

3. Then add the leeks and carrots to the sausages in the pan and give it all a stir.

4. Now add your 300ml of stock, lower the heat, stick a lid on it and allow to simmer (check occasionally that it is not catching at the bottom) for 20 mins.

5. Get out your pastry and roll it into a rough circle shape. It certainly does not have to be perfect – it is rustic after all. (Make sure you have put the oven on if cooking it straight away).

6. Lay the imperfect pastry onto your flan dish – just plonk it in, it does not have to be made to measure and it does not matter if it is hanging off the sides – we will sort that out in a minute.

7. When your sausage mixture is ready take it off the heat and if you are using peas add them now. If like me you’re always in a rush bung it straight into the centre of your pastry or if you prefer, cool it down a little first and keep it separate so it’s ready to use later.

8. Once you have put the mixture on top of your raw pastry you then need to fold over the sides of the pastry. This will not cover all the filling but will create a little fringe all around. Then whack it in the oven and cook until golden brown. 


Homemade pastry quantities and method:

250g self raising half wholemeal flour

100g butter (chopped into small squares)

1 tsp grated nutmeg (add to flour)

1. Rub butter into flour until it resembles breadcrumbs.

2. Add a tablespoon of water at a time to bind the mixture into a dough.

3. Rest for 20 minutes in the fridge before use.


A fab little extra – Pumpkin Spicy Apple Mash

– goes lovely with roast pork

2 maris piper potatoes (boiled for mash)

2 heaped sponnfuls of tinned pumpkin

2 eating apples chopped and lightly cooked until soft

Pinch of chilli or more if you like it hot

Pinch of mixed spice

  • Mash it all together and you have something special to serve with your roast dinner, also lovely with sausages.