One of our good friends and her son recently tried out The Net Kingdom at Black Park, find out how they got on here:

The Net Kingdom is a new addition to the Go Ape adventures at Black Park and a fabulous one too. 

It’s a free to roam round course with tree houses and nets connecting them – some tunnel-like and some just large cages of bounce nets.  There is a ball area with inflatable gym balls where you can throw and dodge.   There are also slides to get down but they are canvas-like with little tension so it is a kind of a free fall until you get to the bottom.  Obviously, the whole course is “see-through” so it’s not for those who fear heights.  There is a lower net area for the younger ones and for those who need acclimatisation before moving on to the higher nets. 

I went with two 8-year olds and a 10 year old and they all had a great time.  The entire experience was great – there was a short safely briefing at the start to tell you what to expect and there were a couple of staff with whistle on the ground all the time to stop boisterous and dangerous behaviour.  They will also go up and rescue those who get scared so you feel safe and looked after.

There are picnic tables on the ground for those supervising (you can supervise from the ground if your kids are 5 or above) and a cafe selling drinks and cakes.  Because the course is made from netting, it makes it very easy to keep an eye on the kids and see what they are up to. 

The admission fee gives you a two hour entry, which is plenty of time.  I don’t know the limit of people on the course at anytime but when we were there (on a sunny afternoon during school holiday), it didn’t feel crowded at all.  As you don’t have to wait for your turn like the treetop adventures, the kids were constantly running and climbing, perfect way to burn off energy!  And there is still the rest of Black Park to explore afterwards.  Definitely a great addition to the Go Ape adventures and we will go back again.

Cost: Toddler (1-4 years) £30 (price includes an accompanying adult), Child (5-15 years) £20, Junior (16-17 years) £20, Adult £20.