As dutiful husbands , Richard & Mats had the hard task of reviewing ‘The Malt Brewery Tour in a Box’ this week!*

What’s in the box?

The box that arrives at your home includes all the materials and ingredients for the brewery tour – all you need to provide are some empty beer glasses for the beer and an internet connected screen to watch the tour video on the web (in our case we used an ipad as we were in the garden). The box has two (500ml) bottles each of Malt Summer Daze, Malt Missenden Pale Ale, Malt Starry Nights and Malt Voyager (export IPA), along with a pack of crisps, a bottle opener, some coasters, a bottle of water and vacuum packed samples of the different ingredients that get used in the brewing process.

What is the tour like?
There is a card included in the box which provides a website address and log in code to the online brewery tour. Overall the tour video is about 20 minutes (if you didn’t pause for the tastings). As an unexpected surprise, the tour actually starts with the tasting of the four different beers (more on which below). This is then followed by the brewery tour itself, which includes a short trivia/ history section, followed by a thorough tour of the brewing process itself. The video tour is short enough to keep your attention (despite having all the beers to sample) while also being light hearted and very informative at the same time – all in all, we think they’ve got the balance of content just right!

The verdict – beers
There are four different beers to try. It has to be said they were all very good and we will be ordering some more! If we had to choose a favourite, it was probably the Malt Missenden Pale Ale which is a perfect ‘pub pint’ – very light and easy to drink – and at only 3.6% it’s less likely to creep up on you then the Voyager which is 5%. The Summer Days and Starry Night are both 4%. They are very different beers and all very tasty, so we are sure everyone will have a different favourite based on their own preferences!

The verdict – the experience
If we’re completely honest – this was a really great excuse to get the fire going in the backyard firepit and catch up over some really tasty beers. It was a really fun night – first doing the brewery tour and then enjoying the different beers. The guidance on the box says the tour takes about an hour – we managed to turn it into nearly 3 hours. So we’d definitely recommend it as a great gift for anyone you know who enjoys a great local beer (or two) as it’s a great way to organise a cosy evening with a friend (or a few as box has enough beer for 4 people) over some very tasty beers.


You can purchase the Tour in a Box for £40 here * The box includes a 10% discount code for your next purchase! (Ours will be 12 bottle of Missenden Pale Ale! 😉 ).





Telephone: 01494 865063

  • The ‘Brewery Tour in a Box’ was kindly gifted to us by Malt The Brewery.