Jo Saunders from Matters Group tested out Rapid 30 (at Target Training Club), a 30 minute dynamic HIIT class using the revolutionary SkillMill & Airbike’s. Here’s how Jo got on:

I’ve been going to Target Training Club for a few years now and even as a regular I must confess I did feel a little apprehensive about doing my first HIIT class and put off booking it for a while… eventually I went for it – and absolutely LOVED IT! Charlotte is an amazing instructor, really motivational and great at explaining what to do, as a newbe I felt totally at ease.  The class is really good fun, it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, you work as hard as you can at your own level.  It’s over before you know it so you have to really go for it on each station at 100%.

Target always has a great vibe to it, I love going there and it’s filled with positive people (all age ranges).  The gym has had a modern refresh which is uber cool with lots of brand new equipment including Airbikes and Skillmill machines (I must admit I have ogled at the Body Coach on these a few times so was itching to give it a go!)  There are lots of nice little touches dotted around and everything is well thought out.

The workout area for Rapid 30 is spacious and there’s techy equipment on the wall; a screen and digital stopwatch display which I didn’t experience fully but would certainly like to when I’m training for an event, it’s called MyZone and as I understand it, it’s a fantastic sophisticated tool which enables you to track your heart rate through the class to monitor your effort level throughout.  A big screen displays each participants heart rate and downloads the data onto a personal app to enable the individual to maintain training history and see the progress.

The class is a really fun concept, and is over so quickly after lots of short bursts of simple interval training exercise.  I really felt like I had worked every muscle and for me it felt more effective than a tough spin class.  Would I go back – Yes Yes Yes!

Why not go and have a go, you won’t regret it, the prices per class vary depending on how many classes you can do, there’s a pay as you go option at £12.50 per class or a Block of 10 classes at £100.00.

The Target Training Club is a personal training gym in Amersham-on-the-Hill, offering Personal Training, Group Fitness classes, DNA testing, Physiotherapy and gym membership.

Address: 16 Woodside Road. Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Telephone: 01494 432088