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Magical Adventures (5-8 years) – Tuesday 6th November (6 weeks)  3.30 pm at Inspiration Blooms (the Barn, Chartridge Lodge) , Cartridge, Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Enter a world of pirates and mermaids, time travel or superheroes through these themed based classes which through creative, imaginative steps take your child from high energy down to a deep relaxed state. Each session teaches an array of practical strategies for young people to have in their toolbox to navigate life and the pressures that young people face today. Build confidence, self-esteem, concentration and focus and improve sleep through movement, games, stretches, breathing techniques, peer massage, positive self-talk, and visualisations and mindfulness. And of course, have fun in the process!

To book go to https://www.relaxkids.com/class/344 and for more information or to discuss your child’s needs please contact Jodie Langley at JodieLangley@relaxkids.com

Chill Skills Classes (8+ years) – Tuesday 6th November (6 weeks)  4.45 pm at Inspiration Blooms (the Barn, Chartridge Lodge), Cartridge, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 2TU

A more structured 6-week course to help young people feel more confident, improve learning potential and manage emotions. Each session explores relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, peer massage, mindfulness and visualisations whilst incorporating themed discussions on positive thinking, relaxation, healthy living, self-respect, self-belief, and happiness. This course aims to build emotional resilience, a positive outlook, confidence, concentration and focus, and self-esteem.

To book please go to https://www.relaxkids.com/class/345

For more information or to  discuss your child’s needs please email JodieLangley@relaxkids.com