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Fitness Classes April 13, 2014 1087
Reena's inspiring Hatha Yoga classes
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I am loving Reena's Hatha Yoga classes. They are nourishing, energizing and very relaxing. I find that my stresses melt away during her class.
Held in a wonderfully tranquil venue, it is the perfect place to come to learn and practice Yoga.
I find Reena's classes inspiring, fun and creative. For example, one week we will have a relaxing restorative class, and another an energizing class perhaps with with an Indian story theme woven in. Reena teaches with all levels of ability in mind in a gentle, nurturing way, with the use of blocks, belts and bolsters for support and comfort during class.
Her classes always include focus on breath control, asanas, relaxation, a little philosophy, alterntive poses for less experienced students... and not forgetting 'fun'!
I highly recommend Reena's classes for anyone stepping into the world of Yoga for the first time, to the more experienced student.... you won't feel out of place, you will be welcomed with a warm friendly smile and leave class feeling totally chilled out.