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Come and enjoy yoga with Reena! I teach hatha yoga, pregnancy yoga (suitable after 12 weeks) and mama+bebe yoga (yoga with your new baby). The philosophy of yoga is to unite mind, body and spirit to achieve harmony and peace within, both as an individual and as a social being. Yoga is a path and also a state of existence. Mums and new babies can really enjoy a new practice together that is nurturing and healing. Yoga during pregnancy is restorative and nourishing. And regular Hatha classes are varied, informative and fun! 
All classes are mixed ability so if you are not flexible, returning after an absence, or fancy a change then you'll fit right in!

Contact name: Reena
Telephone: 07961 118710
Location: Quaker Meeting House, Welders Lane, Jordans
Facebook: reenayoga

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Overall rating
Overall rating
Reena's inspiring Hatha Yoga classes
Overall rating
I am loving Reena's Hatha Yoga classes. They are nourishing, energizing and very relaxing. I find that my stresses melt away during her class.
Held in a wonderfully tranquil venue, it is the perfect place to come to learn and practice Yoga.
I find Reena's classes inspiring, fun and creative. For example, one week we will have a relaxing restorative class, and another an energizing class perhaps with with an Indian story theme woven in. Reena teaches with all levels of ability in mind in a gentle, nurturing way, with the use of blocks, belts and bolsters for support and comfort during class.
Her classes always include focus on breath control, asanas, relaxation, a little philosophy, alterntive poses for less experienced students... and not forgetting 'fun'!
I highly recommend Reena's classes for anyone stepping into the world of Yoga for the first time, to the more experienced student.... you won't feel out of place, you will be welcomed with a warm friendly smile and leave class feeling totally chilled out.
Calming Pregnancy Yoga
Overall rating
Reena offers a peaceful sanctuary for an hour and a half for you to take some time out and focus on yourself and to connect with your developing baby. Reena personalises her lessons to your needs so that you learn movements and positions that can relieve any back aches or twinges you might have. I started at 15 weeks and continued throughout my pregnancy and found it hugely supportive and made some very good friends from it. I also went to her mama and baby classes which were lovely and offered a good combination, focusing on both the baby and you. I can't recommend Reena enough and will return if I have another!....
Great pregnancy yoga classes
Overall rating
I joined this class when I was 34 weeks pregnant having never done any yoga previously and I am now converted! The classes were the right balance between labour coping techniques, exercise and relaxation (the relaxation sessions at the end of the classes were so lovely!!). I learnt great breathing techniques which I believe got me through my labour, they enable me to stay calm and relaxed. Reena adapted each class to our specific needs, I loved the classes and would recommend them to any pregnant lady.
A great way to relax and unwind during pregnancy
Overall rating
Reena's pregnancy yoga classes gave great practice for relaxation techniques, breathing and positive thinking in the late stages of pregnancy. A really lovely laid back and fun class with a brilliant teacher - I found it to be highly beneficial and have recommended to all my pregnant friends. I'm now looking to attend the baby yoga classes.