Seer Green Pre-School is now recycling Ella’s Kitchen pouches!!

The ‘Ellacycle’ scheme aims to help parents recycle baby food pouches, which are not collected for recycling by local authorities. The pouches contain aluminium sandwiched between two layers of plastic and so are more difficult to recycle than other forms of Ella’s Kitchen food packaging. Any pouches dropped off at an Ellacycle collection point will be returned to Terracycle. The company then either recycles them into items such as lunch boxes or shreds them and pelletises the material to make hard plastic products such as tiling.

As we’ve become an Ellacycler it which means that there is a box at Pre-School for you to pop any of the items shown in the below imagine in and in return for every 100 pouches we receive 2p – so it’s great for the environment and us!

If you use Ella’s Kitchen pouches, please drop off your empties to Seer Green Pre-School in term time opening hours.  Our address is Jubilee Hall, Seer Green, Beaconsfield, HP9 2QJ.