Many children dream of possessing a superpower but few know that they already have one… The ability to learn! A skilled learner will be able to do anything they turn their minds to. Well, perhaps not leap over tall buildings in a single bound – but they can expand their horizons, navigate problems and achieve their highest ambitions.

What do we mean by the ability to learn? It is common to hear laments from higher education institutions that students reach their lecture halls able to recite information but unable to engage in more meaningful ways with what they have memorised. Much has been said about the role the UK’s examination system has to play in this, with the criticism that exams can be passed simply by ‘regurgitating’ the required information when prompted. However, learning in its fullest form encompasses an ability to form independent thoughts on knowledge that has been acquired, an appreciation of how this knowledge forms part of a wider picture and a drive to continue expanding one’s understanding of this larger framework. Unlike rote memorisation, it is a skill that will serve your child well beyond their school life.

Therefore, just like a superhero must master their powers, your child must develop his or her learning abilities in order to navigate their world successfully. Whether they are doing battle with a particularly tricky piece of algebra homework or attempting to negotiate the sometimes treacherous paths of school friendships, the same strengths of comprehension, perseverance and resilience will be called upon. These are all skills that are developed as part of becoming a powerful learner.

Fortunately, unlike superheroes in the movies, there is no need for your child to embark on a perilous journey to seek out a sensei who can teach them the secrets of these skills. At Flying Start Tuition, we aim to instil self-belief and independent thinking in our pupils by encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning. Rather than record our wisdom on a long-lost scroll or similar, we have created a useful blog post on ‘How to Power Up Your Child’s Learning’ which contains a wealth of advice on how to guide your child through harnessing their learning power. It has our top tips for supporting your child in improving their learning skills because every hero needs a trusted advisor!

Once your child has powered up their learning, they will feel unstoppable! Though it’s still probably not a good idea to try leaping over any tall buildings…

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