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Annie Hamilton is a physical therapist working at The Bagnall Centre, Chesham. She treats all muscular-skeletal and many systemic conditions.

Bowen, is very helpful during pregnancy and for babies and young children; useful for Mum's aches and pains, baby positioning, colicky or distressed babies, growing problems and behaviour issues. Special applications include bed wetting and childhood asthma.

Contact Annie on 01296 625098 or for further information visit www.positivehealthgroup.co.uk

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Overall rating
Bowen for COLIC in newborns
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I went to Annie with my then 6 week old daughter who was suffering from terrible colic. My son (now 2) also had trouble and I only wish I had found Annie then!
I can only describe the effects as phenomenal. My daughter literally was 'fixed' since that night and we havnt had any recurrences since. Annie has a very gentle and thorough approach and my active toddler in the room was not a problem! She made us feel very welcome and I wouldn't hesitate to go back to her with any of concerns I have. A miracle cure for our family.
I can not thank her enough.
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