Playball is a multi-sports and movement programme that teaches all the main ball sports (tennis, football, cricket, rugby, hockey, basketball & baseball) in very small age-specific groups (aged 2-9 years).Locations include: Amersham, Beaconsfield, Chalfont St Giles & Marlow. See website for timetable.

Contact name: Biba & Joanne  

Address:  See website for address details                      

Telephone: Biba: 07958 538386, Joanne: 07736 405034                






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Overall rating
Fabulous Fun For Your little monsters and angels...
Overall rating
This is a brilliant local active sports event for younguns. Especially live wires n up n down moody ones like mine! The activities are diligently organised, 45 mins long, and the teachers are very practiced at dealing with this age group, nurturing and encouraging them, and getting them up and involved. If you have a child who is stuck to your leg when going into any new thing, these ladies will help you prize them off and get them laughing and involved. Similarly, if your child has bonkers moments, and are...lets Say...challenging (yeah, ykwim!) they also deal very well With this and channel the hyperactive Ones! There's independent activities as well as small and big groups ones, and having been along to a few different types of session, they do get stretched in different ability tasks, applauded when they do something well by all and encouraged to improve if they don't quite get it....all pitched at the right level. The teachers are wonderful. They tell you how your child has been involved (you are encouraged to leave them to it, giving you 40+ mins to chat to other mums there or sort that long awaited phonecall or have some chocolate to yourself)...

I've been to two venues, Beacon Centre and Curzon Centre in Beaconsfield. Both lovely hall spaces, with comfy chairs for parents to use whilst kiddies are having fun, and clean usable nearby toilets! (Tho only Beacon Centre has vending machines With Chocolate and drinks..(!v important to know?!))

Cost wise it's under £100 for a there's a one off admin fee -£10 I think (dont quote me!) which includes a tshirt. Lovely.

Money well spent as far as I'm concerned as the kiddies learn valuable hand eye coordination, team work, gain confidence, and work with various different sport equipment.....they do movement skills and fun games and ball skills and games based around football, netball, hockey, blanacing, catching, watching, listening etc etc little man wants me to train up to teach playball so we can have lots of hoops, balls, beanbags and different coloured spots at our house to stand on....! BuT for the mo he'll have to be content with playing football and catch with me in the garden!

And, it was sooo lovely when my little man got a medal at the end of a session for being a good listener and taking part, that a little lad who we'd only just met came up to my little man and gave him a cuddle and said "well done for getting that medal, you were just brilliant!"...that was really, really cute and made his and my day!

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