pine cone rudolphPine Cone Rudolph from Blossoming Cooks

Susan from Blossoming Cooks shares this fun Christmassy activity to keep the kids busy over the holidays! 

What You’ll Need:

Pine Cone

1 pipe cleaner cut in half for the legs

1 pipe cleaner cut into 4 for the antlers

Brown card (recycled cereal box works well)

Googly eyes

Pom pom or red felt circle

Glue dots


What to do:

Draw a reindeer head shape onto the card (there are templates available on the internet) and cut it out.

Add eyes and pom pom nose.

To make the antlers, wind two small pipe cleaner pieces around the remaining tow pieces. You could add as many pipecleaners ‘prongs’ as you wish!

Stick the antlers onto the head and stick the head to the fatter end of the pine cone. You may need several glue dots to keep it in place.

For the legs, simply slot the two larger pipe cleaner pieces through the grooves of the pine cone.