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On a rainy Saturday two weeks ago my son and I decided to try out a craft box from Oglee Poglee. My son loves all things arts & crafts related, so I couldn’t think of anything better to keep him occupied and to stop him from incessantly wanting to play Wii or watch TV.
OgleeCB5We opened the box and first thing that surprised me was how many things had been included in the box. We spent a good two hours creating butterflies and bugs and even after that we still have about a third of the materials left over for next time. There was also a short story/ colouring in book. We’ve started on that but we’ve got a lot more use to come out of that too!
OgleeCBWe had chosen a butterflies and bugs themed box, though there are also a Space themed and a Miscellaneous box available. Following the examples from the booklet, we created caterpillars, spiders, butterflies and snails. They were all simple for my 6 year old to figure out how to do and find the right pieces to make them. And of course very soon we ended up making our own monster bugs (he is a 6 year old boy after all). All the bits needed were included (paints, paper, glue, bottle brushes, cotton balls, cardboard, etc) – all we needed was a pair of scissors – and there was ample supply of all the materials, especially googly eyes which my son could not get enough of.
OgleeCB2At £18/ box you want a craft set to be very good. Clearly it’s not something I would therefore buy every week, but I do think you get your money’s worth and it certainly was great fun – and not just for my son – I really enjoyed doing it with him. We will be getting the Space box soon in anticipation of the next rainy weekend afternoon.

OgleeCB3To order your craft box or find out more about Oglee Poglee then visit the website. 

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