Oglee Poglee, run by mum of two Claire, offers creative workshops for inquisitive little explorers between 18 months and 5 years.

The very talented Claire from Oglee Poglee has been busy making some Cheeky Easter Chicks and has shared with us how to make them. These Chicks are fun to make and most people would have the ingredients at home. This activity is an “Oglee Poglee” style of making, as it involves a little bit of mess and the chance for children to explore as part of the making process. Go on, get stuck in and have some fun with the kids.


Cheeky Easter Chicks

These chicks make great table decorations and are fun for all ages to make.
You will need: Half a pint of water, toilet paper, a squirt of yellow water based children’s paint, a squirt of PVA glue, coloured paper or card and felt tip pens.

To make: Simply mix together the water, paint and PVA glue in a jug. Set the children up with their own mixing tub and aprons as it can get messy. We used Tupperware’s and a big lid underneath to catch up the splashes. Pour a little of the watery mixture into their Tupperware and then let them add toilet paper to see what happens. It’s a chance for them to rip up the toilet paper and watch how it soaks up the liquid and the colour. The toilet paper quickly turns to a pulp which the children will love to play with. To make chicks shape the pulp into little balls by squeezing it together in one hand. Try to squeeze out as much water as you can when you are shaping them. The balls are then left to dry in the house somewhere warm, this can take a few days but it’s worth the wait.

Once dry the balls turn really hard and can be decorated with felt tip pens or more paint. We cut triangles for beaks and feet and stuck them on with PVA glue. Why not try adding googly eyes and feathers.

Note: You can use water and a drop of food colouring however the end result is not as yellow or as hard once dried.


You can also download for FREE the Easter Oglee Poglee colouring in sheet here.

Oglee Poglee workshops offer parents a chance to come to a safe environment where everything is set up so that their children can have a go, get messy and let their imaginations run wild. Each session focuses on a different theme and there is a mixture of craft activities and creative things to discover. The children can choose what activities they want to explore and then share their observations or creations with the Oglee Poglees. ‘

To find out more about Oglee Poglee & further details of their workshops visit: www.ogleepoglee.co.uk