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Nia is an exhilarating way to get fit on the inside and the outside; it is adaptable to EveryBody, however out of shape, uncoordinated or indeed supremely athletic you might feel!

Performed barefoot to diverse and inspiring music, Nia is a fusion fitness class that blends the power and punches of Tae Kwon Do with the stillness of Tai Chi, the dynamic postures of yoga and the joyfulness of dance. Nia leaves you feeling alive, energised, centred and connected, inspiring you to live with mindfulness and joy. The Nia Technique is a moving celebration of your body and your life.

Classes on Wednesdays 8:50 at The Bagnall Centre, Chesham. For other classes please see website.

Telephone: 07786 172407




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Overall rating
energising and fun
Overall rating
I feel I have discovered something special and different which is both fun and enlivening. Nia is very much for anybody. If you have ever thought you'd love to move to inspiring music then come and try out a session at the wonderful Bagnall Centre where the class is held in a beautiful spacious and light studio.
Michele is always encouraging with the invitation, "your way - it's your dance," as she leads a variety of movement forms and steps which can be followed at a pace and energy which suits you in the moment.
Nia is amazingly expressive, creating an energy which feels as if it flows from all parts of your being.
It enhances body awareness, flexibility and core strength and I always feel re-connected with a sense of well being at the end of each session.
Overall rating
I have been attending Nia with Michele now for some time and love it every time I go. The music is great and Michele leads us all through the dances with great words to help imagine how we should be moving. The pace is varied, from jazz funk type moves to Kung foo kicks and beautiful flowing. The great thing us, you can work at your own level. Some days I just feel like level one, smaller movements, less energy, but then I usually find the energy comes in as I dance and I can up the level. It's up to me, no one is checking up! I always feel energised, never exhausted by the class. It's a good fun way to move and find the pleasure in using your body and its a great toner. My balance has improved tremendously since I started it, and with that, my confidence. I really hope more people come to the Bagnall Centre to give it a try...Wednesdays at 8.50am for an hour. It's a great start to the day and good to be in Chesham as I've been travelling to Kings Langley.