5 ways to overcome your fears and feel positive about returning to


If returning to work is top of your New Year’s resolution list, don’t be surprised if, by the end of January, your initial feelings of excitement and adventure have turned into pangs of anxiety. There’s no doubt about it – returning to work after a career break can be a daunting prospect. Whether you’re feeling guilty about leaving your children, worried about childcare plans or nervous about how you are going to cope with more plates to spin, it can be easy to focus on the negatives rather than seeing the positive effects working can have on your life.

CareercoachingFiona Clark, Career and Confidence Coach from Inspired Mums who is passionate about helping mums find fulfilling and flexible work, shares her expert advice on how to reframe your perspective and feel positive about returning to work.

Returning to work can help you:

1. Boost your confidence
Many mums lose sight of their key skills and the positive traits they have to offer employers when they have had a career break. Going back to work can often prove to yourself what your true value is and how many useful and transferable skills you have in the world of work.

2. Broaden your social interaction
If you can’t remember the last time you had an uninterrupted conversation or one that didn’t revolve around nappies, reading levels or school choices – then work can give you the opportunity to meet new people with different backgrounds and lifestyles. This can often be a welcome break from ‘mum talk’ and give you an identity that goes beyond being a parent.

3. Feel more fulfilled
Assuming you have found a job you love, returning to work can give you a real sense of pride and feeling of achievement. You may also feel proud of being able to juggle both work and family life and being a positive role model for your children.

4. Set your career up for the future
There’s no doubt that it can feel heart-wrenching leaving your children when they are young, but for some career paths staying in touch with the world of work can make a big difference to your long term career success. By keeping your skills polished, staying up to date with industry developments and showing career progression on your CV, you will be in a strong position to achieve what you want when your kids have flown the nest.

5. Have greater financial choices
Although returning to work can add more pressure in terms of managing your time and organising your life, it can also give you more life choices and longer-term financial freedom. This can take the pressure off in other areas of your life by helping you feel more financially independent.

Finally, it’s important to recognise that any big life change will take time to get used to. We are often our own harshest critic – so if you are still struggling to transition successfully into the world of work, be kind to yourself. And remember, none of us have the perfect balance, just as none of us are the perfect mum or the perfect employee!

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Fiona Clark is a qualified confidence and career coach who founded Inspired Mums to inspire women to reach their full potential at work. She is passionate about helping women find fulfilling, family friendly roles.

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