Buckspilates2Join Alice, mum of two, BSc Health Science Pilates Teacher at her relaxed and friendly ‘Mummy Maintenance’ Post Natal Pilates classes specifically designed for ALL Mums, regardless of whether you have a new born, cheeky toddler or a tearaway teenager! It is never too late to regain your pre-baby body!

‘Mummy Maintenance’ provides Post-natal Pilates with a difference… you get to meet other mums in the local area, strengthen your core, regain your pre-baby body and take time out to relax.

Postnatal Pilates will help you:
• Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, weakened by pregnancy, helping you overcome incontinence.
• Re-educate correct postures following the natural changes that happened to your body during pregnancy.
Buckspilates1• Stretch spinal and upper limb muscles to relieve tension.
• Strengthen your upper body teaching you how to lift and hold your baby/toddler/child to avoid back problems.
• Re-train your abdominal muscles to help support your spine and pelvis and recover your pre-baby shape.
Meet local mums while re-gaining your body!

Classes are held at Amersham Common Village Hall when the majority of kiddies are fast asleep and daddies are home from work allowing you to have some YOU time!

Alice’s classes are supported by Buckinghamshire Midwives. One midwife, Gretchen, who currently attends Alice’s Pregnancy Pilates class, commented:

Alice’s Pilates classes are a wonderful combination of doing something good for your body, mind & baby. It’s the perfect class for pregnant ladies and new mums. I have delivered many babies & attending the class as a mum-to-be has been incredibly beneficial at preparing me for the birth.

Alice’s classes have been invaluable in giving me the opportunity to meet other local Mums. I’m strengthening my body for the birth & beyond and I’m calming my mind & giving it strength too.

Alice does a wonderful job of uniting all these factors & sharing her own knowledge & invaluable experience with the group. Buckspilates3It’s a MUST on my list of ‘things to do when you’re pregnant’ and preparing for birth!

Pregnancy Pilates
9am Saturday
7pm Wednesday

Post-natal Pilates ‘Mummy Maintenance’
8.15pm Wednesday

Alice also provides 1:1 personal Pilates sessions in the comfort of your own home. Having recently had 2 babies, Alice is very understanding that you may need several breaks to feed or settle your baby. Saying this, babies tend to really enjoy watching mum during the Pilates session!!

Register at www.buckspilates.com
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