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I offer a wide variety of well known and award winning Natural & Organic Skincare products for pregnant mothers, babies and children. I have carefully chosen a wide range of Natural, Organic, Fairtrade, Toxic free, Cruelty free and Environmentally friendly products.

Our products for mums:

- during pregnancy

- to ease and support long hours of labour

- to help during postpartum healing process for both natural & Cesarean births

- to help make breastfeeding a little less challenging


Our products for babies and children:

- for Eczema & really sensitive skins

- for teething including Amber teething necklaces

- Beautiful Nursing necklaces to keep little wondering hands occupied

- The UK's most biodegradable disposable nappies


And lots of lovely gifts for expecting and new mums.

Telephone: 01753 886 228 / 07799733508



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Overall rating
Great site! And great service!
Overall rating
As a paediatrician I know what is best for both my little ones and myself during pregnancy. The people at My Organic Baby have selected the products which I myself rate the best available and they've given me a single website to purchase them all from. I was given one of their gift-packs for mom as a present as I'm pregnant and I'm so grateful to have found their site. I use to buy all those products individually from their manufacturers which led to a lot of frustrating purchases as they sometimes arrive very late and send incorrect items, but the packaging and service from My Organic Baby is FAR superior to anything I have ever experienced! My organic baby creams and shampoos came in the most beautiful yet simplistic packaging. It's up to us as parents to do the best we can for our little ones, and My Organic Baby sells the best available products combined with the best service I have yet experienced. I urge any parent to visit and support this site as I understand what a great service they are providing. Thanx guys