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We are experts in Post Natal fitness and have been running classes for over 8 years! Our instructors are all specialist in Post Natal Exercise.  All of our classes are designed to tone your mummy tummy, help you regain your fitness and most importantly have fun.  The best part is you can bring baby to all of our classes. We have a variety of class types to suit your needs including: Body Conditioning, Yoga, Boxercise and Stroller Fit.

If you are a mum who is back at work we have amazing evening classes where you come child free.  In our FatBlast Bootcamp you will be enjoying lots of exercises and drills from miliatry fitness, pylometrics and pilates. A great choice if you want to loose weight and tone up quickly.

Classes Nearby: 

Mums of Steel

Rickmansworth Wednesdays 2.30pm Bring Baby Boxercise

Croxley Green  Thursdays 9.30 am – Outdoor Body Conditioning

Chalfont St. Peter Fridays 11.00 am – Outdoor Body Conditioining

Women of Steel

Rickmansworth Tuesdays 7.30pm FatBlast Bootcamp


Contact: Mary 

Telephone: 07709 342329


Facebook: Mums of Steel Page


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Overall rating
Mums of Steel - boxercise
Overall rating
I can really recommend Mary's boxercise class. As someone who hates going to the gym, I actually looked forward to the Mums of Steel class and found the hour went by really quickly! Also definitely felt the results from week to week. I'm really sorry to be missing it now that I'm going back to work.

If you want a fun class where you meet nice people and get fit at the same time, I'd definitely recommend it
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Mums of steel
Overall rating
I really recommend mums of steel.

Mary is very motivating and knowledgeable about new mums and what exercises you should and shouldn't do so you always feel like you're in safe hands. Being able to bring the baby along and also exercise outside are additional bonuses.

After every session I am buzzing! I have so much more energy and in a much better mood and I'm noticing differences in how toned I am.

I love the box class I do with mums of steel and really recommend.