My weekend always jump starts with a 9am ‘teamTRX’ class at my studio, located in the grounds of Chenies Manor. For me, this is not really ‘going to work’ as it’s such great fun to teach. TRX is a suspension training class, where we use bodyweight to strengthen the core, as well as muscles you didn’t know you had! The class is so friendly, it’s more like a social hang out (no pun intended!)

MelissaScottI always slide by KoHo in Little Chalfont on my way home for a sneaky cappuccino with the owner and my good friend, Sam Tolley. Sam is a recent fitness convert and has become a regular runner, having completed my annual ‘learn to run’ course. Sam is also a regular at the studio for Wednesday night hot yoga…I think she’s truely hooked!

KOHOKoHo’s menu could have been written for me…so nutritious and satisfying. I especially love the quinoa salad with feta cheese. Recently, KoHo created a deliciously healthy ‘Melissa Scott Wonder Juice’! Anyone who purchases the juice is entitled a FREE yoga class on their first visit to the studio. Feel free to try it out and email me to enjoy the offer!

Yoga MelissaScottMy perfect afternoon would be spent at the Royal Academy of Art in Piccadilly. I am a 1980’s art school drop out but love a regular fix of culture. Art galleries are a peaceful sanctuary for me, where time stands still and I can marvel at the masterpieces around me. I enjoy time out on my own, as daily life is literally run on a timetable! I have started to paint again, alongside my friend Joey, which doubles up as great chat time and relaxation. The pieces are usually large and abstract but I have no idea what that says about my mental state. Probably best not explored.

RAAIf Dave and I were to go out for a special meal, we would choose my friend Giancarlo’s restaurant Caldesi Campagna in Bray. The decor is gorgeous, the food devine and wine (yes, I do like an occasional glass) exquisite.

CaldesiI recently booked our two children (15 and 11 years old) onto one of Giancarlo’s pizza courses at his cookery school in Marylebone. They had a great time but to be frank, I’m the one who needs help. My cooking skills are limited and the results are notably burnt, so perhaps I should put this on my Christmas list! Spending hours in a kitchen is my idea of hell but Mr.C is such a showman, I’m sure I could be persuaded to hover over a chopping board for longer than two minutes.

I am one of those annoying ‘early birds’ and cannot ever ‘lie in’, even on a Sunday. I aim to swim every day, all year round, so my typical Sunday starts with a bracing 50 lengths at the open air pool in Chesham and by the time I return, still no one is up.

CheshamOpenAirSwimDave and I really enjoy a morning walk from our home in Chesham Bois, through the beautiful woods alongside Rectory Hill and down into Old Amersham. The view from the top of the field is a stunning panorama of British countryside and we marvel as the seasons change the light and colours on this timeless scene.

The Grocer at 91 is a regular destination, where I devour my favourite avocado and smoked salmon on rye, all washed down with a Sophie juice (with extra ginger). The walk back home certainly gets the heart rate up!

Grocer91 2Sunday afternoons are usually spent with family over a hearty roast (Dave’s department) but if we were to head out, the roast dinner at The Saracen’s Head in Old Amersham is as huge as it is traditional. Chicken for me, thank you kindly. Please note, I will do anything for apple and blackberry crumble… with custard.

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