What The Heck are you making for dinner tonight? 

This is a thought that often runs through our minds (especially at the moment when we in lockdown), but thanks to ‘Project Me for busy mothers‘ help is at hand. They have shared with us two of their fab free downloadable action sheets: ‘21 Meal Ideas‘ and the ‘Weekly Meal Planner‘ both of which REALLY help with meal planning.

The 21 Meal Ideas action sheet allows you to create a list of 21 meal ideas in 1 handy sheet, resulting in 3 weeks worth of inspiration to choose from ☺ There is a notes column to jot down where to find the recipe.

The Weekly Meal Planner allows you to schedule meals around your plans that week. Do you have friends over for dinner? Do you have kids over for play dates? This handy action sheet allows you to plan your meals around your schedule for that week.

To read the full article on Meal planning click here.

Project Me is designed to help busy mothers find a happier balance. With printable Action Sheets and truly helpful blog posts, Project Me helps put you in the driver’s seat. Soon you’ll stop thinking and talking about it – and start doing it!

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