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Matters plumbers are experts in home heating systems, installations and maintenance.  Our engineers can install your new heating & plumbing system or fix that annoying leak. Instructing the right plumber is essential, because when your heating and plumbing fail be devastating or just down right inconvenient!  The Matters Group Plumbing & Heating engineers will diagnose the faults and fully explain the extent of work needed, provide a full detailed quotation and most importantly give an honest opinion at all times.



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Boiler problems
Overall rating
In the last month or so we’ve had a few problems with our boiler - basically it stopped working and we had no hot water or heating. I contacted Matters to see if I could get someone out to have a look at it. I got an appointment straight away and Matt who came out to see us was brilliant – very friendly & professional. At some point, water had obviously got into out boiler from the outside vent and had corroded the wires which meant it was cutting out, hence no heating. Matt serviced the boiler and has ordered new parts to replace the corroded wires. Fast & efficient service and extremely friendly. Highly recommend.