Marvellous Mum Rebecca Fitch used her experience in visual arts and love of photography to start her own business, Rebecca Fitch Photography after her took a career break to have her two boys.

MM Rebecca• Which part of the Chilterns do you live?

Gerrards Cross

• Family members:

Husband, Nick (47), Rex (5) and Jude (4)

• Sum up your business in a sentence:

Capturing forever moments with photography.

• What’s your career background?

I used to be a professional dancer and model which later progressed into choreography and production. Having always been involved in visual arts, photography felt like a very natural step for me.

• How did your career change after becoming a mum?

I stopped working to have my two boys and knew that once I became a mum it would be hard for me to return to the hectic work life I had before. Taking some time off to raise my children in the early stages of their life was a privilege and also allowed me time to consider the next step.

• What first inspired you to start Rebecca Fitch Photography?

I’ve always loved photography and having my own children opened my eyes to how much I’d like to focus on new-borns as my specialist field. I started my business officially two years ago.

• And how did you move from idea to actually taking your first business steps?

Practise, practise, practise! I spent a lot of time working on my own style of photography with friends and family (and any babies I could get my hands on!) before taking my first official client. By the time I was taking on customers, it felt as if I had been doing this for some time.

• What skills or experience from your career do you use in your business?

I think my career as a choreographer helped me to develop a good eye for composition, which is essential in photography. Having spent a considerable amount of time in front of the camera, I think I’m good at putting people at ease too which really helps to ensure my shots look relaxed and natural.

• Who is your target customer and how do you find and market to them?

Specialising in newborn photography, I focus on upcoming and new mums. This might often begin with a maternity shoot, allowing me to develop a relationship with the mum prior to her coming back to have her baby photographed. I am very active on Facebook and other social media platforms and also advertise across a broad range of local publications.

• What are the biggest challenges you have had to overcome in starting your own business?

Initially, finding the time to devote to my business whilst maintaining a great family life. This has developed quite naturally though and I think I’ve got it right.

• Your biggest successes to date?

My photographs, without a doubt. Each time I capture that perfect shot, it brings a huge sense of satisfaction. Success just follows that naturally.

• What’s your vision for your business?

I’m much more concerned with always learning and developing my skills as a photographer than global domination! I suppose my vision is simply to become recognised within the industry as being one of the best in my field.

• What has most surprised you about yourself in starting your business?

That I can be truly happy doing something I love and also bring a huge amount of joy to my clients when they see the results of their photo shoot.

• How do you juggle running a business and family life?

Obviously I have more time to work when my boys are at school! I can spend a long time in postproduction on my photos so I probably see less of my husband in the evenings than I should! But I am always trying to speed up my workflow and work less weekends!!

• What advice do you have for other mums who want to start a business?

Don’t ever think you can’t start a business because you are a mum! If you balance your time and commitments correctly, it is possible to enjoy all the rewards of running your own business and keep your family life intact.

• How do you relax?

Spending time with my family, playing tennis and netball and at least one holiday in the sun a year!!!!

• What do you love most about where you live?

Gerrards Cross is such a friendly place and feels very safe. It’s a great place to bring up children. So close to London and yet minutes away from stunning countryside.

• Your simple pleasure?

Snuggling on the sofa watching the latest box set.

• What’s your favourite tipple?

A good red wine ticks that box!

• Top dinner party guest?

My Nan, she passed away 18 years ago but the loveliest kindest soul you’ll ever meet.

• Favourite Meal?

I cook a mean risotto with butternut squash, pancetta and sage.

• One thing on your bucket list?

To take all my boys to Thailand. I love it there so much and my husband Nick has never been.

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