Little Letter Company to the rescue!

– Chiltern Chatter Verdict

Whenever it’s cold and wet outside, arts & crafts activities are always the favourite go-to activity for my kids. However I’m never organized or creative enough to come up with an activity which keeps them entertained, and I never seem to have all the bits and bobs needed to complete the task. Thankfully there’s a solution to our problem – The Little Letter Company offer a range of children’s craft kits either as a subscription or boxes of crafts for children aged 3 to 8 years.

LittleLetter7Our beautifully boxed craft kit arrived in the post and the kids couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The kits came with 2 different craft kits, each packaged in a brightly coloured envelope, personalized with the childrens names. The envelopes contained all the craft materials needed for the activity and an instruction sheet which include ideas to extend the activity.

LittleLetter2My 8 year old daughters craft was to make a cute hedgehog decoration, with the theme of ‘protecting ourselves’. The craft allowed my daughter to get creative decorating an autumn themed background with brightly coloured foam leaves and mushrooms before sticking the star of the activity, ‘Harold’ the hedgehog to the scene. She really enjoyed the making the decoration and naming her new ‘pet’ hedgehog! The craft was completed quite quickly, and didn’t need any help from me, although this was probably due to my daughter’s age. The craft also came with ideas on how the craft theme could be extended, we chatted about how different animals protect themselves and what they need to protect themselves from, relating this to wild animals and pets over the next few days.

LittleLetter6The second craft was to make a Hickory Dickory Clock, which my son chose to make. Again the instructions were very clear and all the bits and bobs were included. The clock theme worked well for my 6 year old as we extended the activitiy by ordering the numbers, looked at different clocks and where each of the numbers should be positioned on the clock. It took my son a bit longer to complete this task but this was probably due to me extending the theme to teach him more about telling the time. He was very proud of his completed clock and it has prompted many discussions about telling the time in the week that followed.



LitteLetterChiltern Chatter verdict:
I found The Little Letter Company craft kit to be a really good go to activity for a rainy day. There is no pressure on grown ups to be super creative, everything you need comes with the pack. The cost of each craft works out at £2.50, which compared to buying a magazine which rarely gets looked at once we get home, I think it is pretty good value for money. The Little Letter Company would be a perfect Christmas gift as they are sent to the children, receiving letters through the post always results in extra excitement with my kids. Plus the activities can be used long after the Christmas decs have been packed away and there’s no need for batteries or charging before the fun can begin.