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Languages January 06, 2014 816
Fantastic Lingotastic!
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My 2 yr old daughter loves coming to Sarah's classes. I am constantly amazed at how much she picks up each week and is singing songs in French and Spanish at home afterwards and naming the parts of the body and all sorts! Sarah packs so much into each class, from craft activities to support what we are doing in the main body of the session, to incorporating multi-sensory elements like bubbles and food items to try sometimes which all link perfectly to the half termly themes for each language. Parents are well catered for too as there are support aids to read along with whilst we're singing if you're not familiar with any of the languages covered, plus there's time at the end for the little ones to play and us to have a chat over a coffee. Sarah also provides vocabulary post-its of key words we've been learning about so we can carry on supporting our children's learning at home. Well planned and thought out sessions which are super fun and gently tune your little one into other languages.
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