Lindfield Pre-school Nursery Toddler Group


Toddler group meet Wednesdays 10 - 11:45 in Amersham

Address: Lindfield Pre-school Nursery, Chiltern Youth Club, Chiltern Avenue, Amersham

Telephone: 01494 725630

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Overall rating
Best toddler group in Amersham
Overall rating
The Lindfield Toddler Group is excellent, it's probably the best one I've been to with my children. Every week there are a variety of age appropriate toys for our children to play with from baby dolls and train sets to lego blocks and farm toys. There is usually some form of messy play like playdough, sticking, painting or cooking for the children to do, and a couple of times a year there is a teddy bears picnic or outing. In the summer the garden is open and there are lots of outdoor toys to play with. The staff are all really welcoming and friendly, and the other mums and carers are too. At the end of the group there is always singing time with popular action songs. My two children have loved the playgroup and it has definitely helped them grow in confidence and make friends. There is also a snack time and refreshments for us mums!