Delicious and filling pancakes and perfect to get the kids eating fruit without them even realising. The recipe below makes 6 pancakes, so if you want 12 double the quantities etc


1 egg

1 cup of flour ( according to Lenka it’s best to use half Self Raising and half Plain flour but if you dont have both just use whatever you have in your cupboard)

1 cup of milk

1 banana (great for brown bananas) or 1 grated pear 


Put the flour, milk, egg & banana in a food processor and mix until smooth.

Put a large pan on a medium heat and add a knob of butter. Once that melts, add the batter, a spoonful at a time to the hot pan.

You’ll need to cook them in batches, cooking them for a few minutes until golden on the bottom, then flipping over and cooking for a few minutes more until they’re done.

When they are golden and fluffy, serve them right away with whatever takes your fancy.