Legoland in Windsor has over 55 interactive rides and attractions. See website for ticket prices and opening times. Children under 3 are free.

Address: Winkfield Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4AY                                       


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Great Day Out
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It is our 4th trip to legoland in the last 2 years, I felt we covered more rides this time. Thanks to Chiltern chatter for your tips ..

We got there at 9.45 on a sunday in summer holiday, it was not too bad a crowd. We went with froiends as a group which worked out cheaper(Obviously, cannot beat getting the annual pass deal). Started off with the busy rides, and kept water plays and rides to the end.

highly recommed(for both adults and kids) to do the surfers, jet ski and any rides you can get on to :-).

Miniland and pirate show added to more enjoyment.

Get in early, and leave as late as possible. Kids slept on the way back home holding the legos they bought from the lego shop :) and we were happy parents to have a quiet night..

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Legoland Hotel - Fantastic!
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We stayed at the Legoland Hotel as a birthday surprise for my 4 year old and it was amazing. The kids were so excited, after visiting the Legoland them park several times (we have annual membership) it was a dream come true for them to actually stay in the hotel. The hotel is 100% lego themed, from the second you walk through the door there is lego everywhere, we stayed in a pirate themed room and I would highly recommend it. Everything is decorated in the pirate theme, from the treasure map carpet to the cabin style bunk beds. The kids have their own area in the room with bunk beds, plus there's a third roll-out bed if you need it, they have they're own TV and a bucket full of lego to play with. It was nice that the kids area was separated from the main bedroom so we didn't have to have to go to bed when it was the kids bedtime. We used the swimming pool in the evening after we'd checked in and it was great, there's a large water play area with slides, water sprays and water seesaw, plus there's a normal pool for them to swim in and plenty of floats for the kids to play with. The water temperature was also really nice and warm, not the ice bath you'd expect. In the evening they have entertainment for the kids, a Lego show with lots of dancing and the kids all had fun joining in. I think there is entertainment and competitions running throughout the day but we spent the next day in the theme park so am not 100% sure. Breakfast was really family friendly, with a great buffet selection or cereal, fruit, drinks, cooked breakfast, pastries, cakes and loads more. There was plenty of choice for both kids and adults. It's not cheap to stay there, we paid £200 for the night, but for a special occasion I would definitely recommend it, in fact my 6 year old has asked to go back to stay for her next birthday :)
Great day out
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I took my 2 kids (3yrs & 6 yrs) here during the Easter holidays and they loved it! We have an annual pass and are planning on going quite often this year, so didn't feel the need to spend the whole day at the park. As I was on my own with the kids I thought we'd be restricted on the number of rides we could go on but I was pleasantly surprised. We went on the Spinning Spiders, Scarab Bouncers, Desert Chase (merry-go round), Thunder Blazer (spinning swings), Orient Expedition (train ride), Star Wars Mini-land display, Atlantis Submarine, plus we watched the puppet show at Duplo land and the pirate show. There was lots more things we could do but decided to call it a day after lunch. We'll definitely be back soon and plan to go on the water rides once it warms up and the rides which require 1 adult to 1 child when my hubby comes with us.
Fantastic day out
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We went to Legoland yesterday for the first time and the kids absolutely loved it - they were so excited to be going! We got annual passes with our Tesco's vouchers which meant we saved lots of money. I agree with Liz's review that Legoland is best suited to children between 3 - 8/9 years. We went on a few rides including the submarine which was perfect for us as it's suitable for kids of all ages (my children are 22 months, 4 & 6 years) and we saw the pirate show (which according to my eldest was his favourite bit of the day!).We didnt have enough time to go on all the rides but as we have our annual passes, we know we will be back a lot so we weren't worried about having to stay for a long time (although we ended up being there for about 5 hours:)). I would definitely recommend that you try and get an annual pass if you can, as it probably pays for itself after a few goes, plus it's only about 40 minutes from The Chalfonts by car so very accessible. Plus the annual pass includes free parking and you get a discount in the food places.
A great day out
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The kids love Legoland, we invested in annual passes as it is pretty expensive for a day out, Tesco Clubcard and Nectar card both have good deals. The park is probably aimed at children aged 3 - 8 years. There is a Duplo area with a water splash zone which is great in the summer, make sure you take swim clothes and a towel as the kids can't resist. The queues can be quite long in the summer holidays but they do tend to keep moving. Kids of all ages love the pirate show which is repeated several times throughout the day, be there at least 15 minutes before it starts to make sure you get a seat. There are lots of places to have a picnic inside the park, which is really good as the food and drinks are quite expensive, and only fizzy drinks available, which was no good for our kids.