Looking for a last minute Christmas gift idea for the kids? The Splashi brainy baths maths toy, the brainchild of 3 local mums (Becky, Helen & Alex) from Gerrards Cross, could be just the ticket! With 7 kids between them, these 3 mums had heard every reason under the sun as to why their kids didn’t want to stop their play time to learn their numbers, so they decided to blend fun with numeracy and the Splashi brand was born!

NEW “Splashi brainy baths maths” is all about getting young children to LEARN their numbers whilst playing in the bath..all the fun without any of the fuss!

 It’s UNIQUE as it uses the mixture of dots, numbers and words, making it PERFECT for ages 3 – 8. It’s a DURABLE 50 piece set, PERFECT for bath time FUN! 

It costs £12.99 incl. postage and packaging.. so what are you waiting for, get ordering and get splashing!

Click here to find out more: https://brainybaths.ecwid.com

Check out their video to see what Splashi is all about! https://video214.com/play/pR1gaqJBRVZ0Oxzqy5LxNw/s/dark